How to Choose From All of the Medical Alert Companies?

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How to Choose From All of the Medical Alert Companies?

When you are trying to determine which of the medical alert companies to choose from, what should you consider? What are the top medical alert companies out there? When we are looking for a medical alert company, we are looking because either ourselves or a loved one needs the assistance in case of a medical emergency. This means we want to find the best out there that is conducive to our needs. There are some guidelines you can follow to help you find the right medical alert company for your situation.


What are the types of medical alert companies?

How to Choose From All of the Medical Alert Companies

There are three basic different types of medical alert company systems. They are based on how and where the pendant button connects to a phone line. These are:

  1. –          The landline system. This means it is based from your home and has a short range. It requires you to have a landline phone and be within six hundred to fifteen hundred feet of the base station. These tend to provide connection to a call center, who then in turn can call the appropriate emergency services or a family member for the person with the emergency. These come with a pendant style button that is worn typically around your neck with a chain or lanyard. These systems charge monthly, and could have a fall detection feature. Always make sure to check reviews and speak with friends or family to determine whether the fall detection in the system works well.
  2. –          The cellular system. These systems can cover the person with the medical alert button outside of the home. They do not require a smartphone, so this is ideal for seniors who do not have one. However, the cellular coverage must be adequate for the alert to work. These will provide a connection to a call center as well. These medical alert companies offer the button in the form of a pendant, belt clip or carry device. The charges are monthly, and also you want to ask if thre is any contract required. These may also have a fall detection option.
  3. –          The smartphone system. These medical alert companies do require the person own and know how to use a smartphone. Visit each website to determine whether the application is compatible with your phone whether an Android or iPhone. You will have to download the app that goes along with the medical alert company to your phone, and it must remain there. You also must have an adequate cell signal. These will connect to a call center or a specific contact you provide. Charges are monthly as well, with an option for fall detection.


What are some other considerations for medical alert companies?

Here are a few more things to consider during your research:

  •           The medical alert button should be small and waterproof
  •           It should be comfortable and lightweight
  •           You should not have to sign a contract
  •           There should be different communication options available.

When keeping these things in mind, you should be able to choose from all the medical alert companies to find the right one for you.

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