Medical Alert Devices – what to choose?

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Medical Alert Devices – what to choose?

Have you planned your future? While many people secure their future by designing efficient financial plans, few plan for their health. To safeguard your medical future, you need to have a medical alert device. A functioning device acts as a link between you and a medical institution of your choice.

While there are many manufacturers, it is quite hard to choose a reliable one from any list. To save you the hustle, below are key features of an authentic medical alert device manufacturer

Medical alert devices


Highly regarded

To be regarded, a company has to win the trust of top doctors, medical institutions and related healthcare practitioners. Have a medical professional recommend a device to you.


How does experience and expertise influence the choice of device? Simple; check the number of customers they have served in a certain duration. A good manufacturer should have served more than a million at-risk and serious seniors.


How do you know a manufacturing company is reliable? It is easy. First, go through their site to get information on their investment in both research and device development. Second, compare their device with another to check if it is a state-of-the-art piece. Lastly, ensure their features are up-to-date. For instance – the presence of Auto Alert and fall detection.



Is the focus of the manufacturers same with genetic counterparts? If yes, drop it from your list. However, if not, ensure their focus is on meeting the needs of at-risk and needy seniors.

After checking the above, you are assured of purchasing a medical alert device from a reliable company. Hey! What about picking the best device? Do not be in a hurry to make a purchase since your final decision to buy is based on various factors. Actually, these factors are based on the device itself. Since you will have various devices at your disposal, it is necessary to do a keen selection.

Guide on choosing a medical alert device

Do you know that questions are the best forms of acquiring information? Yes, since they are based on your needs and specification. Before picking a particular device, ask yourself the following questions.

Is the device waterproof?

There is a big difference between water resistant and waterproof quality. While the first allows water contact but does not fail, the latter neither allows water nor fails if exposed to it. Pick a device with waterproof buttons located on the console.

Is the device able to monitor activity?

While some companies claim that their devices provide activity assurance, be keen on this. A good device should be able to check for positive activity every 12 hours. This is achieved only if the senior presses a tiny button once they receive a reminder to do so from the console.

Can it work with a pill reminder?

A good device should be expandable enough to incorporate extensive task. It should be programmed to incorporate a pill reminder in its system to remind a senior on time to take pills but not dosage.

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