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Main Types of Medical Alert Systems

There are some people who refer to medical alert systems as senior alert systems. Most of the people who purchase this type of device are senior citizens who continue to live independently. Even though they still have the strength and the will to live alone, they still need more guidance than those who are younger.

As people age, they become more vulnerable to various diseases. They may also become more prone to falling and hurting themselves. It is important that they have a system that will help them get the emergency services that they need just in case.

The medical alert system will send an alert to medical centers with just one touch of the button located within the device. So many people’s lives have been saved due to the use of this device.

Purchasing the Right Medical Alert System

It will be a bit complicated to choose the right medical alert system when you have no clear idea about what you are looking for. Type in some keywords and you will come across a wide variety of products.

Medical alert devices are usually divided into three categories. Those who are planning to make a purchase should familiarize themselves with these categories to make the right choice:

Monitored Medical Alert System

This is a type of medical alert system that can be connected to a monitoring center. The best thing about this is that the monitoring center is available 24/7. The moment that the button is pushed, the center will be alerted immediately and emergency services will automatically become available. This usually comes in a form of a necklace that can be worn around the neck while the base will be placed somewhere safe. This is the best system to use by those who are prone to taking a fall or those with serious medical conditions.

Non-Monitored Medical Alert Systems

This is similar to the first medical alert system described but the difference is, with a push of a button, a family member of the person will be called instead. The recipient will receive a recorded message informing them of the medical emergency. Some systems like this come with two-way radios so that the recipient and the elderly can exchange messages. This is more budget-friendly as compared to a monitored system but it has some risks too. For example, the recipient may not immediately be available to respond to the alert.

Mobile GPS Medical Alert Systems

The first two medical alert systems are meant to be used at home but this can be used even when the person is outside. This also comes in a form of a necklace that can be very useful in detecting where the person is currently located. The moment that the person presses the button, the responders will track the location of the person. This is very useful for those who will not be able to state where they are.

Choosing the right medical alert system can be a bit complicated but remember to take into consideration what your main needs are. This will make choosing a little bit easier.

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