Home Medical Alert Systems

Do you want peace of mind when your loved ones are home alone? Do you know someone or you yourself are a senior, have a disability, or a serious medical condition? If so, then you want to consider the installation of a home medical alert system. These systems can help you or your loved one in the event of an emergency. They provide immediate access to a phone line, whether your home line or a cellular line, so that the proper emergency services can be contacted. There are many different home medical alert systems available, and you want to find one that will work for your needs.

How do I know what to look for from home medical alert systems?

There are many things to consider when looking for a system. One of the major aspects that many do not think of is their customer service. If you or your loved one will be contacting the service center when an emergency occurs, you want the person they call to be of the highest caliber. Speak to friends and family about the services they already use, do research online, and read customer reviews to determine which home medical alert system provides the best customer service when it is most important.

Home Medical Alert Systems

Some other things to look for include:

  • The requirement of a contract
  • The requirement of a landline, cell phone, or smartphone
  • The availability of the type of button — pendant, wrist device, carry device or other
  • Whether the device is comfortable, lightweight, small and waterproof
  • What the communication options are — will it call 911, the call center or a loved one for you?
  • Does it provide twenty four hour monitoring?
  • Does it have a built in GPS?
  • If there is a fall detection system, and the quality of that system

Why should you have home medical alert systems?

There are many reasons to obtain one of these systems. Having one at home can benefit those who do not have a cell or smartphone, and still have a landline. These systems do more than just call emergency services when you have an accident, they will also contact the correct services when an alarm goes off in your home, such as a smoke detector, a carbon monoxide detector, or a security alarm. You may want to consider only those home medical alert systems that also offer these services.

If you or your loved one is home alone for several hours a day, or lives alone, these systems can be a lifesaver. The same goes for those with serious medical conditions, such as diabetes or epilepsy. Those with physical challenges who also choose to live alone can benefit, like those in a wheelchair or other physical ailment. As long as the person who is receiving the system is willing to ask for help when needed, this system is a great way to feel some level of comfort.There are many home medical alert systems available. You are placing your safety in their hands, so choose wisely.

Take the best

National Medical Alarm

  • $29.95MXD System
  • $39.95myActive Alert
  • $39.95E-Responder
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Medical Guardian

  • $29.95Classic Guardian
  • $34.95Home Guardian
  • $79.95Family Guardian
  • $39.95Mobile Guardian
  • $49.95Active Guardian
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  • $37.95MobileHelp Solo
  • $29.95MobileHelp Classic
  • $41.95MobileHelp Duo
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  • $34.95Home
  • $45.95Home + Fall Detection
  • $55.95Mobile + Fall Detection
  • $45.95Mobile
  • $65.95Home + Mobile Fall Detection
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  • $29.95At Home Landline
  • $46.95At Home and On the Go Voice in Pendant
  • $43.95At Home Cellular with Fall Detection
  • $39.95At Home and On the Go
  • $34.95At Home Cellular
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  • $29.95In Home Traditional
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Connect America

  • $32.99At Home Landline
  • $37.99At Home No Landline
  • $42.99On The Go
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