Medical alarm systems to help you during emergencies

Like any other crucial decision, it is considered wise to go through a medical alarm system agreement thoroughly. Why? If you sign an agreement without understanding what it entails, you run the risk of being a candidate of exploitation. Sounds strange but many people regret why they agreed to have their systems managed by certain parties for a long period of time.

How to handle a medical alarm system agreement

Practice your free will

Once in a while a provider will try to coax you into signing an agreement they are proposing. A common element of such agreements is the duration since they all propose a lengthy one. While it is good to save yourself monthly agreement renewal, you should opt for an agreement based on monthly. Why? You are in a position to switch to another operator you are comfortable with while signing an agreement.

Type of connection offered

Different companies offer different connections. Since the type of connectivity varies from one provider to another, pick the one offering the best connectivity. Depending on your local area dominant connectivity, you are likely to use landline, cellular or VoIP technology. Independent of the type, your system should be performing efficiently by detecting anti fall and monitor each of your activity.

Type of gadgets used

Hey! Are they offering you big or bulky gadgets? Do not pick them but go for sporty gadgets with fashionable looks. Be keen especially to pendants since you are expected to wear them on a daily basis.

Once you have picked the best company to provide you with a medical alarm system, get some little knowledge on the components. To help you out, below are three key components of any medical alarm system

  1. Base station — Others refer to it as base control units. Independent on the name you call it, this is the part that is connected to your telephone line. It has an effective microphone and loudspeaker.
  2. SOS button — SOS always refers to emergency so this is an emergency button. Hitting it translates you are in great distress, acute panic and need of quick help.
  3. Monitoring center for emergency response- Every move and activity is being monitored. Any unusual activity will be reported as an emergency to your monitoring center which your provider is linked to. Once they receive its report, they will act by replying or having an emergency response activated.

Factors to consider when shopping for a medical alarm system

Individual using it

These devices are designed to be used by seniors but are also fit for all individuals. It does not matter whether they are chronically ill or disabled, anyone not in their normal health should have such a system.


Always go for the sturdy features that increase its functionality. Such features include waterproof buttons and wireless controllers. Moreover, always be on the lookout for gadgets with a better battery pack that can last more than 48 hours.

Before you check its price, consider your hospital bills first; health always comes first.

Take the best


  • $37.95MobileHelp Solo
  • $29.95MobileHelp Classic
  • $41.95MobileHelp Duo
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Connect America

  • $32.99At Home Landline
  • $37.99At Home No Landline
  • $42.99On The Go
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Medical Guardian

  • $29.95Classic Guardian
  • $34.95Home Guardian
  • $79.95Family Guardian
  • $39.95Mobile Guardian
  • $49.95Active Guardian
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  • $29.95At Home Landline
  • $46.95At Home and On the Go Voice in Pendant
  • $43.95At Home Cellular with Fall Detection
  • $39.95At Home and On the Go
  • $34.95At Home Cellular
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  • $29.95In Home Traditional
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  • $34.95Home
  • $45.95Home + Fall Detection
  • $55.95Mobile + Fall Detection
  • $45.95Mobile
  • $65.95Home + Mobile Fall Detection
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National Medical Alarm

  • $29.95MXD System
  • $39.95myActive Alert
  • $39.95E-Responder
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