Medical Alert Buttons

Feel Confident with a Medical Alert Button

Do you want to live on your own, but your family worries about you? The best solution to ease their minds is to invest in a medical alert button. There are many systems out there that can provide you with the confidence of living alone. If you have an emergency, you can easily press the medical alert button and emergency services will be on their way. There are many different systems out there, so how do you decide which one will work best for you? First, doing some research, speaking with others who have a medical alert button, and reading reviewing online is the first step to having that security at home.

What are some things to look for when shopping for a Medical Alert Button?

With all of the new technology today, the types of medical alert systems you can invest in are better than ever. There are some features that these systems have that will make one system stand out from others. Listed below are some great features you may want to look for if they are relevant to you:

Your Medical Alert Button should be small and waterproof

Most of the medical alert buttons are small pendants worn around your neck. You do not want this to be big and bulky and stand out too much. It should be modern looking, and easily worn.

It should also be waterproof so that you can wear it in the shower. Many can fall due to a slippery tub. It does not make sense to have the button and not be able to wear it where an emergency can happen. Make sure it is waterproof and not water resistant. What’s the difference? Water resistant means you can wear it in the rain, waterproof means you can wear it in the shower or pool.

Your Medical Alert Button should be comfortable and lightweight

Do you think you would wear something every day that was annoying and heavy? Probably not. If the pendant or bracelet or watch that is also your medical alert button was too much for you to wear, you probably would not wear it. Then what is the point?

Your Medical Alert Button should be able to work inside and outside of your home

This is a feature you should look for if it is relevant to you. Generally, these buttons send signals to a box that is connected to your home phone. Many these days will also work with an application on your smart phone. Consider this option in case of an emergency outside of your home and you are alone.

Your Medical Alert Button should have communication options

How do you want to contact emergency services? Do you want a personal emergency response system to call if you press the button? Do you want it to call a loved one? Reach a call center? Dial 911 directly? These options are all available. Once you determine which option you are interested in, that can greatly narrow down your choice. This will also prepare you for when an emergency does occur.

Take the best

Medical Guardian

  • $29.95Classic Guardian
  • $34.95Home Guardian
  • $79.95Family Guardian
  • $39.95Mobile Guardian
  • $49.95Active Guardian
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Connect America

  • $32.99At Home Landline
  • $37.99At Home No Landline
  • $42.99On The Go
More info...


  • $37.95MobileHelp Solo
  • $29.95MobileHelp Classic
  • $41.95MobileHelp Duo
More info...


  • $29.95In Home Traditional
More info...


  • $34.95Home
  • $45.95Home + Fall Detection
  • $55.95Mobile + Fall Detection
  • $45.95Mobile
  • $65.95Home + Mobile Fall Detection
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National Medical Alarm

  • $29.95MXD System
  • $39.95myActive Alert
  • $39.95E-Responder
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  • $29.95At Home Landline
  • $46.95At Home and On the Go Voice in Pendant
  • $43.95At Home Cellular with Fall Detection
  • $39.95At Home and On the Go
  • $34.95At Home Cellular
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