Medical alert pendant for Emergency situations

Before my take on medical alert pendant became an official opinion, there were a lot of thoughts crisscrossing my mind. Among them was based on the period of time a pendant can run efficiently. Since you have your share of questions too, below is a comprehensive look at these pendants.

How long can it last on battery?

Both the system and pendant have different on-board batteries. A medical alert system can fully function for 48 hours relying solely on battery power. However, a pendant is smaller in size so it can run for 5 years before you replace the initial battery.

What is the range that a pendant can work?

Any pendant can operate and function efficiently within 100 meters range. Though such performance is guaranteed, you have to be in a clear environment free from trees and other vertical distractions. A pendant can either be a wristband or neck pendant depending on your choice.

Is its performance efficient?

Absolutely yes! You are assured of a performing medical alert pendant that monitors your activity, acts as a medication reminder while noting any fall. Moreover, it sends a quick alert to top medical institutions upon pressing the help button.

What of the speakerphone and screen?

Well, every pendant has a sensitive speakerphone that can be operated hands-free. A highly sensitive screen is available too that functions by use of voice notifications and prompts. Indeed, as a user you can customize daily voice message reminders since the pendant is programmable.

Having noted the above information, you are ready to own a medical alert pendant. However, operating it is not as easy as it sounds since you require some little operating information about it.

To operate it, you need to know the following how-to techniques:

  • How to clean your pendant — Always wipe with a moist clothe that is wet with a mild detergent. This ensures that your pendant retains its initial outlook and appearance.
  • How to test— Always test in once in a month. In order to do this without forgetting, let the test day be similar to your day of birthday and test it the same day monthly.
  • How to respond to an accidental call — If you hit the button by mistake, cancel the call before it goes through. If it accidentally goes through, notify your operator that it was a mistake and that you are fine.
  • How to activate it — Ensure that it is connected to a working telephone line.
  • How to use during a technical storm — Unlike mobile phones, you can use a pendant during a severe storm. Though you can do this, do not touch the wires because you will be risking electrical shock.

Owing a medical alert pendant is easy, but maintaining it is kind of tricky. Why is this so? Majority of its users shy away from public use since it exposes them as an at-risk individual. To cater for these individuals, these pendants are being made in a fashionable design to look like jewelry pieces instead.

Safeguard your health by owning a medical alert pendant.

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